Dr Lincoln Garland

Expertise: Expertise: Ecology, eco-masterplanning

Lincoln has been working as an ecologist in environmental consultancy, academic research, and wildlife NGOs for nearly 30 years. He has a particular interest in eco-masterplanning and urban ecology and has produced biodiversity/greenspace strategies for many large-scale residential and ecotourism development projects both in the UK and overseas. Recent high-profile projects in the UK have included Habitat First Group’s award-winning Silverlake and Birchwood Lakes eco-resorts in Dorset and Devon, respectively. In Singapore, Lincoln led on eco-design for the Sentosa Island masterplan and more recently has been working on biodiversity/ecotourism strategies for several special economic/tourist development zones in the Middle East.

Lincoln regularly presents at conferences and publishes articles and is a regular contributor to The Nature of Cities international platform for urban solutions. He also recently co-authored two chapters for the new Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology.

Lincoln is currently an Associate Director at Biodiversity by Design

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